Frameless “floating” mirror with polished edges and recessed matte black backing board with key hole.

Choose from bronze, clear or grey mirror.

The solid backing board makes this a Grade A safety product.

Size: 600mm diameter

Weight: 5kg


Please email us to place order.

What you need to know

A keyhole is provided on the back of the mirror for easy hanging. A hook is not provided as different types of fixings are required for different types of walls. You may need a handy girl or a handy guy to help you identify the best type of hook or screw for your wall. Make sure you test the hook or screw before you hang your mirror.

The backing board is set back from the face of the mirror by 10mm giving the appearance that the mirror is floating on the wall when installed.

To clean your mirror, use a soft lint-free cloth dampened with warm water to wipe the surface of the mirror. If necessary use another dry lint-free cloth to buff the mirror. Do not allow the backing board to get wet.

Avoid using products such as Windex or methylated spirits to clean the mirror. Do not allow any products or chemicals to come in contact with the backing board.

We use the highest quality lead free mirror to achieve the brightest and clearest possible reflection.

Each individual mirror is checked for quality prior to packaging and shipping.